Worldwide Procurement

We have well established global network of suppliers and if the part requested is not available from our own stock we usually have located the parts within 24 hours through our extensive supplier database.

In order to facilitate this two dedicated purchasing offices have been set up in China and the UK. These offices have been formed to develop strategic relationships with suppliers around the world. Both offices work in union with our worldwide sales network scouring the regional markets to secure the best possible prices.

We understand though, that when sourcing and buying electronic components it is not always about securing the best possible price - the devices must also be of the highest quality. To get more information about our quality control team and warranty policy please contact us or email

Flexible Excess Management Service

Manufactures and Corporations run in to the same dilemma as technology advances; what do with surplus, end-of-life and obsolete assets. We can provide best in class services to help our customers to solve the issue.

If you are looking for immediate disposal, our excess management team will qualify your excess material and cross match it with all logged historical interest in your inventory. We then market your material to targeted prospects.

Alternatively we can offer you consignment inventory service to help you find out the potential value of your excess inventory. By choosing this service we will provide full visibility and enable you to monitor your own return.

To contact our excess management team, please email